Xalet dels Camps Elisis, s/n
Lleida, Catalonia 25001 Spain
+34 668 88 23 60

About River

River is a surprising nightclub located in the suburbs of Lleida, in Catalonia. The building of this club is an antique house, and the essence of it has been preserved when turning it into a nightclub. When you’re inside River, you can enjoy looking at those old walls and ceilings with a baroque decoration, volutes, and a 19th century flair. In contrast, this club brings you some of the most thrilling electro sessions in Spain, and it has been equipped with tones of laser lights and an incredible sound system. The music you will hear there is always electro and many renowned DJs perform in there. The club has many spaces: the main (and huge) dance floor, VIP spaces, lounging spaces and an open air space which is the garden of the house itself. There you will find chandelier lamps in contrast with the laser lights, a pure electro sound in contrast with the ancient instruments displayed in the pictures hanging from the walls, and a real disco experience in contrast with the quietness of the building. You will be surrounded by young people who have already experienced a lot of clubbing and who visit this special club in to see something different.


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