Room 26

Piazza G.Marconi 31
Rome, 00144 Italy
+39 329.0385251
Price : $$$ (Expensive)

About Room 26

Room 26 is known by the locals as one of the coolest discotheques in the capital. The club owes this reputation to its success in managing to balance a difficult and rare binomial: nice people, nice music. Thanks to what is documented to be one of the best audio systems in Europe, the sound inside this nightclub is unique and a great experience. Every weekend Room 26 organizes new events that involve famous guests performing live. The space will be a sanctuary for emerging DJs and international stars. The goal is to become a point of reference for national and international DJs. A comprehensive program will guarantee the exhibition of emerging talents and renowned artists both Italian and international. The venue is structured in two rooms: The Global Room, the main (bigger) one, and the BackRoom, the smaller one. The club hosts two events per room on Friday and on Saturday. On Friday at Room 26 the night is all about dance revivals, with the Vintage Radio and its energetic host Paolo Pasquali, plus his “Grupp-one”. On Saturday DeeJay Paolo Pompei presents FCO and Roma Più night: the first event offers one of the best music selections of Rome, while Roma Più attracts some of the most interesting people of the city. During the working week Room 26 is closed, with the exception of some special event.


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