Sala Cosmos

Carlos de Cepeda, 2
Sevilla, 51 41005 Spain

About Sala Cosmos

Cosmos is a medium sized night club in Seville, Spain. It is not a macro club, but it still has the essence of the larger clubs. The program in Sala Cosmos offers a lot of DJ sessions dedicated almost entirely to techno and electro music, and many renowned DJs from all over the world have visited the club. The club has just one dance floor and two bar counters. It has a modest decoration, but an avant-gardist and industrial look which delights the audiences. This is without a doubt a place for young people who want to have fun. The DJ sessions appear to be thrilling, and the lighting effects on the ceiling are quite appealing for clubbing lovers. There’s also a space for alternative music and live concerts in Sala Cosmos, and many local and national bands have performed there. The most important point of the program are the DJ sessions and the themed parties. It remains opened until 7 am. so it is often visited as an after hours spot, and it is especially interesting for those who never get tired.


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