Sant Jordi Club

Passeig Olímpic, 5 (close to the Palau Sant Jordi)
Barcelona, Spain Spain
+34 934 262 089

About Sant Jordi Club

Just a few meters away from the magnificent and well-known Palau Sant Jordi, one of the largest stadiums in Barcelona, there used to be a concert hall named Sala Barcelona 92, a name that reminds us of the Barcelona that hosted the Olympic in 1992 (the Palau Sant Jordi was built then), but a few years ago it became the Sant Jordi Club. Nowadays, the Sant Jordi Club is a venue that host many music events, mostly live concerts and DJ sessions. It has been completely refurbished, so that the Sant Jordi Club is a club with the newest technology, where you can enjoy your favorite music with a high-quality sound experience. Furthermore, it brings a wide variety of facilities, such as parking, VIP services and restoration services. Being medium-sized (but still small in comparison with the Palau Sant Jordi itself), it has hosted many important concerts (Manowar, Arctic Monkeys, Gary Moore, Luis Fonsi…). This is not a club, but a place for major events, so DJ sessions bring the audiences the chance to enjoy a music experience that will delight music lovers all over the world.


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