Frankfurter Allee 216
Dresden, 10365 Germany


SHOWBOXX, located opposite of the Old Slaughterhouse on Leipziger Strasse, is a small club/bar for keen music aficionados who enjoy good nights with good music. On regular nights, the DJs mainly tune into techno and house, but the club also hosts disco parties and gay events.

The venue with its “old warehouse” style has two floors and a chill out room, where you can watch the party going from above. You can slouch in comfy sofas with a professionally prepared cool drink in your hot hands.

The unique ambiance is mainly created by the mixed but friendly crowd, which is a combination of hip to funky, trashy to glamorous, normal to extravagant and whatever else might fit the bill.

Reasonably priced and often “more than crowded,” SHOWBOXX is a good place to dance the night away.



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