Sky Club

Riesaer Strasse 56
Leipzig, 04329 Germany

About Sky Club

From starting as a former lamp factory to then becoming an exploitation centre for concentration camp victims in WWII, the venue has finally undergone the metamorphosis into a temple of electronic music. Located in “Paunsdorf”, which cannot exactly be classified as one of the trendy districts in Leipzig, the Sky Club opens its doors once a month to invite all friends of electronic music into a special adventure through the night. Originated by members of the infamous German booking and event agency Beatbrothers, the Sky Club has transformed into a new home for all party monomaniacs in Leipzig.

With plenty of phat beats distributed on three floors, the club does not hold back extending regular invitations to top DJs, working their decks to Electro, Techno and House.
Why only once a month?
Because it makes it more special.
Because it ignites the anticipation of its loyal followers.
Because it keeps the list of local and international DJs more exclusive.
Simple as that.


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Dress Code: Casual





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