Sokol Auditorium

2234 S 13Th St
Omaha, NE 68108 United States
+1 402 346-9802

About Sokol Auditorium

The Sokol Auditorium is located in the Little Bohemia neighborhood of southern Omaha, Nebraska.  It is a historical performance venue and is approaching its 100 year anniversary.  The topside of the venue plays host to a wide range of musical performances.  Also there is a separate area located below the auditorium known as Sokol Underground which hosts various rock and hip hop shows.

The main auditorium is nice because it is a nice size yet has an intimate feel.  There is also an upstairs balcony level allowing great views of the band without being in the crowd of the main floor.  It also brings in a mix of both big names and local bands.  So you can go to one venue and it supplies your mainstream and indie needs.

Sokol Underground brings is also the place to see the more local bands.  Many diverse groups and sounds can be heard and of course you have the great down town-underground feel of the place.

There is so much to say about the venue, the history, and the vibe you get at any show here!  Make sure you check it out and experience Sokol Auditorium and Underground for yourself.


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