Spazio Novecento

Piazza Guglielmo Marconi, 26/b
Rome, 07 00144 Italy
+39 0654221107

About Spazio Novecento

Spazio Novecento is an Art Palace and a multifunctional space in the heart of Eur, a modern district in Rome. The venue is quite big (1000 square meters) and offers remarkable versatility, hosting a wide range of events: from art shows to photography expositions, from music celebrations with a DJ set to conventions and galas. The building is open all year, and during the warm seasons offers the possibilities of setting the events on one of the two big terraces it is equipped with. Spazio Novecento is more than a venue, but a world itself. The organization is in fact formed also by a radio station and a television channel. Fittings, video, audio and lighting, catering and even interpretation services are all available. The Venue’s unlimited resources means whether you are looking to host the next Bridal Exhibition, or want to put on a club night, the facility always has the best resources to offer you.


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Dress Code: Club Attire



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