Boulevard Francisco Medina Ascencio 2125
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

About Strana

Strana was established  in Puerto Vallarta in 2011a, and it is the definitive luxury experience in Mexico. Have you ever figured out how it would look if a Gothic cathedral or palace would be hosting a night club? Well, here it is: Strana has an impressive decoration and is hosted in an impressive building. The ceiling is high, there are volutes all over the ceiling, chandelier lamps and an impressive contemporary lighting equipment which takes the experience to the highest point. The venue has five private rooms, but even if you’re looking for exclusivity, the main dance floor will be OK to you. It has been visited by renowned DJs and artists, such as Tiesto, Avicii, Steve Aoki or Bob Sinclair, among many others. Strana is kind of the perfect cocktail: one ounce of fun, one ounce of electro music, one ounce of exclusivity, one ounce of extremely cared customer care, two ounces of good looking people looking for fun and amusement and five ounces of luxury. Yes, if you intend to describe this Mexican night club it will for sure be luxury. You won’t believe it until you get in there and take a look at this unique space.


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