Studio Seven

110 South Horton Street
Seattle, WA 98134 United States
+1 206 286-1312
Price : $ (Inexpensive)

About Studio Seven

Primarily known as a rock venue, Studio Seven is really a live music venue in the SoDo region, close to the West Seattle Bridge off of 1st. This is a distinctive area in that it hosts both a bar and stage in addition to practice studios for groups.

The sound in Studio Seven was initially put together by a fellow named Dave Hageage, who has somehow were able to mix the sound to seize the ‘loud’ of the rock bands that can come through without ruining your hearing in the event you forgot ear-plugs.

What to Expect:

The separation of the bar upstairs from the primary floor allows for all ages shows, while giving the capacity to the upstairs drinkers to appreciate the show without feeling as though they are a million miles away from the stage. Additionally, the upstairs features monitors that enable you to really see just what is happening on stage.

Studio Seven is really a very good environment, with a back-room furnished with comfy couches where you can hang out until the band that you came to see hits the stage. The stage itself is fairly large and offers lots of room for the groups to run around and make their shows even more entertaining. The listening area is enormous as well, with an interesting separation between the ‘pit’ and the ‘house’ marked by the columns supporting the balcony upstairs.

Non-alcoholic drinks are available for minors downstairs, and there is a large merchandise area setup for the music groups which is in close proximity to the door. This is perfectly positioned to grab a fan’s eye as they enter or leave.
Studio Seven is an inexpensive venue with a Divey ambiance. According to past guests, its best nights are Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.


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