Supperclub London

12 Acklam road
London, England w10 5qz United Kingdom
+44 20 8964 6600

About Supperclub London

You don’t eat a la carte at supperclub…

…it’s more like a marvellous feast conjured up for you to sample some of the delights you may never have selected had you visited your favourite restaurant.

We’re all about leading your senses and broadening them to new flavours, new adventures and new ideas. Buckle up and strap yourself in, we’re taking you for a joy ride!

Each night our well travelled head chef Bow to everyone here, and his talented team prepare a four course culinary journey inspired by techniques and disciplines of the new and old world. Each course is cleverly and beautifully composed to please different palates and discerning foodies. Bow presents a surprise menu with each course having you guessing and wanting for more. Dinner is priced at 45 pounds.

The adventure begins at 8pm sharp and we suggest you join us from 7pm and mull over a twisted mind martini. Drool over our mouth watering show girl cocktail in the hopes for a french kiss champagne cocktail. Don’t delay! Dinner service happens just once every evening and you don’t want to miss the show stopping line-ups our creative team have mastered for your delight while you recline, dine and let the evening unravel. Dinner is priced at 45 pounds.

supperclub understands some of us prefer to pet bunnies and revere life stock as opposed to serving them up with a port wine reduction. For specific dietary requirements including any potential swelling of the non-enjoyable kind, call our attentive reservations team with your requests on:

We can accommodate most requests including halal and most allergens, which need to be addressed 72 hours prior to your booking.

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