Sutton Club

C/Tuset, 13
Barcelona, 08006 Spain
+34 (93) 4144217
Price : $$$$ (Very Expensive)

About Sutton Club

The Sutton Club brings a luxury ambiance for those who love to see and to be seen. You can find many popular faces and celebrities from all over the world here. On its program, there are a bunch of live concerts of internationally acclaimed artists, but it is specially interesting due to the fact that many renowned DJs from all over the globe perform in the club. The club appears as a palace dedicated to disco music, but has several different areas with different ambiances: from the majestic dance floor to the lounge and intimate areas filled with sofas and VIP areas for the most exquisite audiences. The club is very exclusive and you have to make sure you’re on the guest list if you want to get in after 2 am. A select club for select people looking for glitter, music, and colored lights. This is not only a club, but a way to express your lifestyle and your feelings about life. Take heed of their strict dress code and prepare yourself to get into luxury and sophistication. Dancing, drinking, enjoying music, and meeting the most exclusive people are just a few things you’ll be able to do inside The Sutton Club.


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