The Church

1160 Lincoln
Denver, CO 80203 United States
+1 303 832-8628
Hours of Operation : Thu: 20:30 - 2:00; Fri Sat Sun: 21:00 - 2:00
Price : $$ (Moderate)

About The Church

The Church gets its name because, well, it was once a church back in 1865. Now, however, worshippers of a much different breed pack this nightclub on a regular basis. Their preachers are producers and DJs and they never leave without a religious experience.

Much of the architecture pays homage to its prior life. There ceilings are high beamed with a strong Gothic influence and stained glass windows all around. When the DJ takes their pulpit, though, anything that looks ancient disappears. There is a state of the art laser and light system that fires colors out across the whole venue when the music gets going. It’s a sight to see the electronic lasers and light illuminate the old church feel.

The music spans anything a DJ can spin and a crowd can dance to. Hip Hop, top 40 and EDM take the lion share of the attention, though the talent is always bound to play it as they see fit. The Church brings in plenty of national and international DJs and Producers as well who play their own sets.

If you get hungry while attending The Church, you can hit up the featured sushi bar as well. It rounds out the eclectic experience attendees can expect when they visit this venue.


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Dress Code: Casual







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