The Miramar Theatre

2844 N Oakland Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53212 United States
+1 414 967-0302

About The Miramar Theatre

The Miramar Theatre is located in the East Side of Milwaukee.  The venue is a concert and performance hall and is largely noted for promoting up and coming bands and brings all ears to the sounds of the city.

The main stage is set high and the seating is low and has a circular arch around the stage which makes any seat in the house have a great view.  Depending on the show and ticket sales there are both old original theatre seats on the sides as well as foldouts near the center.  The theatre seats up to 350 people. Due to the rock nature and vibe the venue has it keeps a somewhat “grungy” feel, which makes it great for letting loose to the local bands.

A noted fact about the venue is the recording studio known as “We Have Ears Studios”.  This studio opened in 1985 and delivers high quality recording services.  WHES has hosted a variety of artists both local and international and can record small and large groups, live performances, and offers smaller studio rooms for recordings as well.

Go to Milwaukee.  Look up what’s music events are happening. Then go and experience a truly local vibe and sound at The Miramar.


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