Therapy Miami

60 NE 11th St
Miami, FL 33132 United States
+1 305 123-1234

About Therapy Miami

Therapy is a recently opened after-hours club in Miami. Although it may be new in the Magic City, this club has been out there for quite a while in Long Island, where it was originally opened. The fact that the owners managed to get a 24-hour liquor license may actually be a good thing for those who like partying after-hours as well.

The opening came with spectacular shows at fairly reasonable prices as well. For the first series of shows, they had great music names invited (such as ALX, Chad Andrew, Alej Varez, Louis David, Hillary Warner and Dsan Powell) and the prices were between the $10 and the $15 range. When Delta Heavy, Andy C and Goldie were invited, however, the price doubled up, reaching the $30 range. Tickets for High Contrast, S.P.Y, Fred V, John B and Craze went up to $20.

Overall, you could consider this club averagely priced, especially if you take into consideration its location (Miami, which is usually on the more expensive edge) and the fact that they try to invite good artists to their special events as well. Plus, the after-hours services are appealing for those of you who actually like to party until the early morning.


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