Three Links

2704 Elm St.
Dallas, TX 75226 United States
Price : $ (Inexpensive)

About Three Links

Formerly known as the bar LaGrange, Three Links is currently headed by three members of the Odd Fellows society: Scott Beggs, former La Grange manager, Oliver Peck, Elm Street Tattoo owner and acclaimed tattoo artist, and Kris Youmans, Tactics Productions owner and talent buyer.

The premise behind Three Links is to provide folks with a good spot to get a stiff drink and see a great show, with the updated sound system being the focal point of the entire bar.

As was the case with LaGrange, Scott Beggs is still the main agent so Three Links is known for featuring a heavy flow of punk, rock and indie bands. However, with co-owner Kris Youmans now on the scene, Three Links now features other genres, such as electronic and other sorts as well.

What to Expect:

The art behind the bar has been totally overhauled to reflect a woodsy free mason air. The staff is friendly and drinks are not too expensive. They do have a happy hour 4-8 p.m., but it seems like the musical acts do not usually go on until an hour or two after happy hour ends.

With the modern track lights hanging from the ceiling and a recently refurnished bar, it’s easy to tell that a lot of renovation has gone into the overall appearance of the venue. They built a new, bigger stage, put in a whole new light system, and installed a different style bar.

Nevertheless, Three Links maintained the same basic layout of LaGrange with the bar on left, stage at middle rear, a big patio out back, and separate boys’ and girls’ rooms. The main area has a few tables as well as a full stock of stools at the bar. In back they’ve replaced the rocking chairs with wooden picnic tables.

Many folks have stated that Three Links is the kind of bar that could only exist in Dallas, where entrepreneurs are able to experiment and pursue their vision without breaking the bank.


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