Union Hall Nightclub

6240-99 St
Edmonton, AB T6E 6C7 Canada
Price : $$ (Moderate)

About Union Hall Nightclub

Tease those tresses, pucker up with a neon pout, paint those talons red and wear your sexiest LV’s because Union Hall, in all its glory, has its doors wide open and only for you! It’s the place to be seen and one that understands your psyche to just be yourself for a single night. Live and let live, that’s a motto ingrained in the very fabric of Union Hall and everyone who chooses it over any other place understands that like none other.

The music explodes with unbelievable rhythm and life for a delicious few hours actually seems to halt and not matter inside the brass doors of Union Hall. The only sound you’ll hear is the metal bass that has a heart wrenching effect on your own soul and the only life that will exist will be the slithering bodies dancing to every beat as though there is no tomorrow – such is the intensity of Union Hall Nightclub and such is the effect it has on all that go there!


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Dress Code: Club Attire





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