Up Club

1. c/Martin De Los Heros
Madrid, 29 14. 28036 Spain

About Up Club

Up Club takes the essence of mythical Balearic clubs to the heart of Madrid. It was established with a clear mission: pay tribute to electro music, make it possible to enjoy electro music, and promote electro music. That’s why they have a varied program and they invite renowned DJs specializing in electro music to play sessions there. This is almost like being in Ibiza, but without leaving Madrid. Up Club is a place for young people looking for fun and who really adore electro music and enjoy the privilege of listening to it with the latest advances in sound technology. Up Club is a large venue with an enormous dance floor where you will be able to dance all night long (it remains opened until 6 am.). The ambiance really helps the original purpose of this venue: lighting effects, mirror balls, and never ending bar counters with a bunch of bar tenders will make your dreams of visiting a macro club of Ibiza come true. Their dress code is not too strict, but you have to look ready for the experience if you want to get into Up Club. There’s no way to run away from electro music once you are inside Up Club.


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Dress Code: Club Attire

Website: http://www.upclub.es






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