via S.Aquilina, 21 - 47900 Rimini (RN)
Rimini, 05 Italy
+39 0541 756111

About Velvet

Velvet is a historic club in Rimini on the Italian Riviera. It has been opened 1989 and it is till a very well known hot spot that plays good music and organizes fun nights throughout the year and especially during the summer period. It’s a multifunctional 2500 m² venue that features three dancing rooms, two stages, a pizzeria and fast-food zone, a merchandising area, the offices, labs and even a lake.

Velvet offers a very wide range of music, from rock to afro, from reggae to electronic, from dub step to ’60 music. It hosts events with various artists and international DeeJays from all around the world, both presenting established names and introducing new trends and performers. With a over 30 years long history Velvet’s staff is quite competent when it comes to music and putting together interesting events, concerts and parties, no matter if it’s a live rock event or a DJ set night.

Velvet considers itself the son of Slego di Viserba and a work in progress. It has never settled and always finds a season to reinvent itself and its image continuously experimenting with new trends. Lately it has expanded its activity into founding what’s known as “The Factory”, a lab of ideas and performing arts projects.


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