Via Capitano Alessio 94
Rosa, 20 Italy
+39 3471601429

About Vinile

Open since 1976, Vinile has been an alternative live club for over thirty years. It is a underground-style venue (and also literary since it is underground) that gives the vibe of an unconventional American club where people go to listen to quality live music and to dance (but no commercial music). You do not need a card to access  Vinile but only to buy the ticket (13 euros). The venue measures 400 mq and is divided into different ambient: the bar, the stage, the dance floor, and the smoking area. Usually the nights start with a live concert followed by an after party with a guest DeeJay, but there are also 100% dancing nights where international DeeJays play all-night (without other performances/concerts). Vinile is a relevant stage in the music industry and has hosted some interesting guests. There are also dedicated Rock nights with events like “Last Nite Party”, “Lamette Party” and “Bacini & r’n’r”, One night Electro by Trash Dance, Hip hop concerts with artists like Buyaka & Snackulture, Dancehall night promoted by Catch Fire and Dark-Wave nights branded Night Breeze. Furthermore, there are also special events and private parties. Vinile is open from September to May, while it is closed during the summer.


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