Wildcat Lounge

15 W Ortega St
Santa Barbara, CA 93101‎ United States
+1 805 962-7970
Hours of Operation : Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun: 16:00 - 2:00
Price : $$ (Moderate)

About Wildcat Lounge

Despite its name, Wildcat Lounge is not exactly a lounge. As a matter of fact, it is popular precisely because it is considered to be one of the craziest nightclubs in its area.

The interior design of this nightclub is rather fancy, with pink shades and stylish décor. However, the crowd is quite mixed up and you can expect to see here almost any type of clubber, from the fashionable ones to the more casual ones. However, do dress nicely and be well-groomed if you want to make sure you don’t have any problems at the entrance.

The music is mainly focused on 80s and 90s remixes, but they do play other types of music as well (rarely hip-hop, though). Furthermore, they sometimes organize themed nights (such as the Latino night), so keep an eye on them if you are into special genres of music.

The go-go dancers are very entertaining and, occasionally, you can get to dance in their boxes as well. Furthermore, you can get bottle service for as little as $180 for 14 guests (and this includes the cover fees as well). Other than that, prices fall into the lower average category (you can expect to pay $5 at the entrance and $2 for coat services, for example).


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Dress Code: Club Attire

Website: http://www.wildcatlounge.com/






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