Winstons Supperclub

3111 Welborn Street STE 110
Dallas, TX 75219 United States
+1 214 551-1705
Hours of Operation : Wed Fri Sat: 22:00 - Close
Price : $$$ (Expensive)

About Winstons Supperclub

Located in the heart of Uptown directly off of prestigious Oaklawn Avenue, Winston’s Supperclub offers a high-end, eclectic London vibe for the most discriminating party goer.

In fact, it has been said that Winston’s throws some of the most uninhibited parties to be found anywhere in the State of Texas. We’re not talking raunchy and rowdy either. We are talking full on hard partying, where time is not a factor and the DJ is your new BFF.

Winston’s makes it easy to enjoy the party, especially with its round-up of weekly events. From Wednesdays through Saturday, the crew at Winston’s Supperclub celebrates a new focus, from socialites to something a little more risqué. While it may not seem like an important part of a nightclub’s success, the truth is that more events present more opportunities to party hard while perpetually holding a drink in your hand. In fact, CBS Dallas named Winton’s the “best bar for bottle service”, so they must be doing something right.

What to Expect:

Past guests have pegged Winston’s Supperclub as having a Trendy ambiance. Although the dance floor is kind of tiny the DJ here rocks the house so you will want to make room to shake your booty! However, this is a place where you will want to get bottle service, otherwise you are going to be standing and waiting around for drinks.

Having said this, up top in the middle of club is where you want to be. This area offers lots of seating and kind of your own personal space to act wild and crazy if that is the sort of mood you are in.

Just be warned that this is a pricey establishment, so if you are trying to budget your night, Winston’s Supperclub probably should not be your first choice. However, if you are in the mood to treat yourself, Saturday night is the best night to head out to Winston’s Supper Club, take advantage of their valet parking and bottle services.


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