Random Promo of the Day: Artec Takes Coldplay’s “A Sky Full Of Stars” to the Dancefloor

Remixing is very much an art. When making any kind of rework, producers must walk a fine line between tasteful and too much. The greatest difficulty is producing a fresh new sound without sacrificing the integrity of the original track. Very few artists manage to maintain that delicate balance.

Its one of the many reasons why Artec has been high on my radar these past several months.The Magic City native has the unique talent to take a track (regardless of the genre) and turn it into a dance floor classic that still has the same feel of the original. Since I heard his edit of London Grammar’s “Strong,” I knew we could expect great things from the up-and-commer. Still, I was skeptical about this latest release – you don’t mess with Coldplay unless you’re Andre Sobota or, I guess, TiĆ«sto. However, Artec does little to alter the warm and vaulting melodies of the track. The soaring synths and driving rhythms he adds provide more of an enhancement than anything else, transforming the tune into a euphoric anthem fans can really raise their arms to.

Far from the cheesy and predictable progressive house that’s been dominating dance floors lately, this tune demonstrates a perfect and long-overdue return to emphasis on melody and simple, beautiful feel-good music.

Listen below and download it for free via SouncCloud.

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