Baltimore Club to Get More Love Thanks to James Nasty’s New EP

With Jersey club on the rise and other club scenes establishing themselves we gotta ask: what about Baltimore? The city known more for crabs and sports is also home to one of the best club scenes out there. So why isn’t the scene getting more love? Maybe it needs a signature name. Can anyone do that for Baltimore club?

Enter: James Nasty.


Facebook/James Nasty

With his Calvert St EP dropping this summer, James Nasty could be the trailblazer that brings more Baltimore club to the global dancefloors. We could describe his sound, but after telling FACT magazine it’s “thug motivation meets club drugs that make you dance all night thrown into a blender with some whey protein and steroids” we’ll leave it at that. It’s bonkers in the best way possible.

It’s hard to single out what makes the EP so good, but there’s a lot to choose from. The breakbeats are on point. The pace is nonstop, but somehow could be welcoming to a newcomer to the scene as well. Shoot, even the clips from movies fit perfectly. In short, the EP is on point. After four years and working in all parts of the city in, James Nasty did his city right with this EP.

Co-signing on the effort is T&A label owner Tittsworth, who dropped in his own signature edit on the EP. While the co-sign is great, James Nasty has been making fans new and old sign off on him with incredible live sets. Check the reviews of most shows he’s on and you are likely to find a mention how his set stole the show.

Get on James and the Baltimore scene as soon as you can. You won’t regret it.

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