Bleep Bloop’s Top 10 Tracks of 2014

Bleep Bloop is making some noise this year with his brand of #OUTERSPACE music, garnering him nods from the mastermind that is DJ Shadow. As the first signee to Shadow’s Liquid Amber imprint, Californian Bleep Bloop’s 10 Watt Lazers just dropped on December 9 and you can nab a copy for free via the label’s SoundCloud page.

Fresh off the album release, Bleep Bloop takes a moment to look back at the year in music with his list of the top 10 tracks of 2014.

1. Yheti “Fresh”

“Yheti is one of the most forward-thinking producers that I have ever encountered. Ever. This tune is the perfect mixture of a dancefloor banger and ‘WTF is even going on right now?’ I’d say this deserves a slot number on my list as much as any tune.”

2. G Jones “Pixel”

“This G Jones tune never stops morphing and evolving. Defining the term ‘action-packed,’ this tune is guaranteed to make the spot jump, and also stimulate the mind with a good frontal-lobe massage.”

3. Doshy “Malfunction”

“This tune really showed me that double time could be pretty rad. The electro breaks thing into the grime beat is just a great touch. Love the wonkiness and how it still is such a dancefloor tune.”

4. Future “Move That Dope (EPROM Remix)”

“Best remix all year long comes from the don, EPROM. One of my favorite producers here, it was hard to pick out a tune. But this one was on repeat for weeks for me. I love how grimy the song is, but its still super tastefully done. The bass and percussion and everything else are so on point.”

5. Zeke Beats “Pay Attention”

“I just found out about Zeke Beats this year, and man this dude is a monster. The switch-ups in this tune are super beast mode and they just keep coming. Every time you think the tune might loop up he introduces a new idea and keeps the concepts morphing. Love it. Played this one out a lot this year.”

6. Mumdance “Take Time” feat. Novelist

“We could all benefit from a little time to think, in my opinion. The flow on this is impeccable and the beat is everything that I ever want grime beats to be. Mumdance is turning that sound upside down!”

7. Supersister “Dona Nobis Pacem (DJ Shadow Remix)”

“This tune is great. Showcases exactly why Shadow remains on top all these years. Constantly evolving and changing his styles without losing his signature sound. As soon as the sample goes, ‘Boing,’ this tune takes off to a whole new level.”

8. Conrank “Steam”

“Conrank’s latest EP was one of my faves of the year and this is my favorite tune off of it. The steam whistle sound really sets it off. Second drop is a big ‘WTF?’ I love the textures and contrast of the airy sounds, the Eastern sounds, and the big, bombastic grime horns.”

9. The OriGinALz and Selby “Smoke Dat”

“The OriGinALz are long time collaborators and friends of mine and Selby is a new friend that I met this year at Burning Man. Loving how stripped-back and warm this tune is. Some bump-it-in-your-ride-while-you-smoke-a-blunt type shit. Be on the lookout for all of these cats as they are definitely on the come up.”

10. Tsuruda “Boo’s Castle”

“Was hard to close the list out, but I decided to go with this tune. Love all the old-school dubsteppy wonky sounds in it, but he keeps it fresh with a hip-hop/trap drum beat. Perfect tune to play out, especially since you can mash literally any grime acapella on top of it and it goes hard.”

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