Turtle Cam & Cityscapes + Jes and Fractal’s “Letting Go”

Dubstep breakdown sea turtle! If the vibrant time lapses of Hawaii and the Philippines pulsating to the music aren’t enough to engage you in the new video for “Letting Go,” then that little guy will make you smile.

Adorable sea life aside (sorry, I’m the proud parent of a Jekyll Island adopted sea turtle), the latest single off A Song Across Wires pairs BT once again with the original dance-music songstress, Jes, as well as youngster Fractal (signed to BT’s new Binary Acoustics label under Armada). The glitch-y melodies of the track balance a modern edge with the intricate layers of a BT composition, emulating a symbiotic fusion where mathematics and music meet.

Continuing in the same vein of other vivid imagery videos for BT, director Christopher Andrew (“Skylarking,” “A Million Stars,” and “Our Dark Garden”) once again makes what could be a bunch of dull B-roll come alive to the track. Check out the vid—especially BT’s turtle cam around the two-minute mark.

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