New Kid on the Block: Jacob Plant

Jacob Plant is a newcomer to the Dim Mak family in addition to becoming a literal new kid on the block in Los Angeles. The young producer's recent move from the UK to the US means that he'll be that … [Read more...]

Exclusive Premiere: “Assault” by [makina] on SectionZ records


Get excited for a brand new (and exclusive--fancy right?) release by up-and-comers, [makina]. The three-piece group from Jersey are putting out a self-titled album on Tuesday, October 28 through … [Read more...]

Qbert on the Invisibl Skratch Piklz Reunion at Fool’s Gold Day Off


If improvisational jazz was applied to turntables, then Qbert would be Charlie Parker—with a hip-hop beat. For anyone who’s been fortunate enough to watch his hands work, you aren’t able to pull your … [Read more...]

DJOYbeat Exclusive: Autograf Talks Doing Something Different

What happens when you combine three multidisciplinary artists with a passion for fine arts and a history in music production and lock them together in a studio? An infinite wealth of creativity. What … [Read more...]