Chicago Weekend Preview: September 5 to 7, 2014

DJOYbeat Event Spotlight

 Maxim @ The Mid Friday, September 5

Keith Palmer aka Maxim is back on the market and with a vengeance. He’s recently released more solo music than ever before an the touring has officially begun. Known for his vocal stylings with the British garage electronic group The Prodigy, his solo stuff is nothing to mess around with. This legend will be playing a Prodigy DJ set at the Mid Friday. Missing out on this is like missing out on the office birthday cake, so get there.

The Weekend Rundown

Friday, September 5

Maxim (Prodigy DJ set) @ The Mid

Our spotlight for the weekend, Maxim’s Prodigy DJ set is something to be noted. While we’re not sure what this will exactly entail, since Maxim’s talents have been most vocal since his time with The Prodigy, we’re pretty positive it’ll be something to remember. Don’t miss this intimate and unique set this weekend.

Seven Arrows feat. David Murphy @ Concord Music Hall

The famous bassist from STS9, David Murphy has been nothing to mess with. This front man has been the name of the electronic jam band since its beginning. But, now the legend is on his own and making a new name for himself and his new project Seven Arrows. If David Murphy is playing with these guys, we can easily assume they’re a musical force to be reckoned with. Don’t miss this new project at the ever-growing Concord Music Hall Friday.

Nick Bassett @ Spybar

As usual Chicago loves to showcase local talent in the weekend club scene. Spybar is the perfect place for local Nick Bassett to show off his unique grooves and experimental sound. If you’re looking for something a little less mainstream on Friday, don’t forget to check out this guy. He’ll have you moving your feet and grabbing a dance partner within minutes.

Saturday, September 6

Lucky Date & Helena @ The Mid

Somehow, The Mid has a way of making sure that the sexiest people gather in one place. Lucky Date and Helena are some attractive as well as extremely talented DJs. Lucky Date has been making the world get sexy since his start in Cali. Helena has made a name for herself as one of the few female DJs to rise to the top worldwide. Check out these hot DJs at the hottest club in Chicago on Saturday.

Danny Tenaglia @ Spybar

Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, Danny Tenaglia has been making hard bodies groove for years. His smooth grooves and hard hitting beats have traveled around the world, and he’s coming to Chicago to show us how the East coast does it. If you’re looking for a roaring good time with a DJ who loves to have fun, hit up Spybar for this one.

House Life w/ Inphinity & Kalendar @ Castle

Castle is a venue that demands attention, it’s huge presence cannot be missed, and the acts that come along are no different. House Life is an event to assure that one of the hottest genres of electronic music never dies, and local powerhouses Inphinity & Kalendar are coming to bring you what you’re itching for. Get your weekly dose of house at Castle.

Sunday, September 7

Queen w/ Michael Serafini @ Smart Bar

Every Sunday, Smart Bar wants you to unleash your wild side. Queen is a dress up house music party that demands attention and wants you to buy her a drink. With so little going on this Sunday, and local DJ Michael Serafini in each night with special guests, this Sunday is bound to be packed. Dress to impress and get ready to groove at Smart Bar.

WTF, Neo? @ Neo 

The oldest club in Chicago has a night for those who want to let loose. WTF, Neo asks: What’s your guilty pleasure? Not ready to reveal it to DJOYbeat? Let it all out at Neo with local talent DJ Odd Couple, Jeff Moyer, and DJ Eleven for your secret Sunday night.

There you have it, folks! If labor day weekend didn’t wear you out enough, this weekend should do the trick. Summer may be winding down but it is definitely not over. Take advantage of the weather that still remains and get sexy with it this weekend.

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