DJOYbeat Exclusive: Tritonal Says Goodbye To “Metamorphic”

Chad Cisneros and Dave Reed have made waves across various sectors of the electronic music spectrum as Tritonal. Their globally-celebrated Metamorphic EP series has in many ways reflected the outfit’s creative growth and much talked about musical transformation throughout the years. The two sat down with DJOYbeat recently to discuss that very transformation and its effect on the public’s perception, as well as their announcement of the third and final installment of Tritonal’s beloved Metamorphic series.

Every EP series has a story. Tell us about the Metamorphic series; what was the basis behind it and the story you guys set out to tell?

Chad: We’re certainly glad you guys get that. Telling a story was absolutely the goal and it’s great to hear the connection! The theme or intention wasn’t so much to tell a story on each individual EP, although we feel they do that as well. When we started writing music with the overarching Metamorphic idea, the intention was to write three EPs that showcased a journey in sound, with three main “chapters” in mind. It’s quite known that about two years ago, we began blending genres and really getting inspired on the cross-pollination of music. The departure was a big deal to us, and we wanted to acknowledge this “change.” The word “metamorphic” by definition embodies this and over the course of three EPs we wanted to bridge the gap between the things we love about trance and the things we love about progressive and electro house. tri2

Dave: I believe the Metamorphic series also depicts a growth as two individuals; there’s so much that has happened in both of our lives, personally and professionally, over the time that we’ve been creating these EPs. Our attitudes and emotions go into all of our work and when listening back, you can really hear the changes that occur throughout all the records within the story as a whole even into what we’re producing now.

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What made you decide it was time to wrap up the journey?

Chad: Actually, this series was decided from the beginning. We wanted to have three EPs, that represented the three sides of our new Tritonal logo icon, the “Tri”angle. Three EPs with three tracks per each EP and we are so proud of the music we’ve been able to write. We wanted to go from dark to light in terms of the musicality and journey.  The first EP  was definitely a moodier piece…“Deep Into Black,” “Bring Me Home” and “Bullet That Saved Me” are all quite brooding in terms of chord progressions. Over the course of tracks like “Electric Glow” and “Now Or Never,” things began to come into a brighter atmosphere. I think its safe to say that “Satellite” and now “Anchor” are definitely in full color.

Dave: Yeah, beginning the journey in a dark place and ending on a bright note is exactly what we wanted to portray throughout its entirety. Like I said, we did notate this before we set out on these compositions to take our Tritonians and listeners on an experience they can relate to and perhaps never forget. I’m so excited to reach Metamorphic III though! There’s been so much musical development and decisions that have naturally led us to what we feel are our best records yet.

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Listening to the entire series chapter by chapter, we get a great sense of how your music has evolved through the years. Can you walk us through that process and how you guys feel you have grown as artists along the way?

Chad: I’d say it would probably be influences. When we started, our biggest influence from a dance music perspective was definitely Above & Beyond.  They were the one act that we felt represented something bigger than the typical dance tracks. These days, it’s no one even really in EDM. We wanted to make songs that people from every walk of life could enjoy. Couldn’t be happier that one of our new Tritonal tracks, which I cannot name, is currently my mom’s favorite song at the minute. Tells me we’re on a much larger musical trip than just another big room Dutch house drop.

Dave: Yes, our playlists are completely littered with all sorts of music. But nonetheless, it’s not that we wanted to create music like them, it’s that we accepted the challenge of what could we do to be outside the box in our own tasteful way. I feel we’ve strengthened how we arrange our compositions and write our melodies on a daily basis, utilizing new techniques that we’ve developed ourselves to gain a more unique soundscape overall.

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We’ve touched on the evolution of your sound a few times. As artists, how do you evolve your musical style without losing touch with your fan base?

Chad: The million-dollar question! Well, if you want to be unique and follow your gut to change style mid-stride, there is no such thing as not losing any fans: be ready to accept that and forge ahead. We knew going in there was going to be backlash from the #TranceFamily. We had many team meetings, brainstorming sessions and, more importantly, soul-searching sessions. tri3

We haven’t backed down to the tough questions, dismissed our older material or avoided having “that conversation.” When we started as a trance project, we did so based on our love of melody. It was never about a love for tempo or for BPM, or driving rhythms or anything like that. We’re melody guys – we have not abandoned that and we won’t ever. You can hear the trance in our electro and progressive releases, and some of the new projects on our hard drive harken back to our roots. We know who we are, and we aren’t scared to evolve and change.

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What has been the biggest obstacle along the way, both personally and professionally as Tritonal?

Chad: Probably the rebrand and change in direction, to be honest. We’ve grown so much in the studio and feel like we’re becoming as strong as we’ve ever been, compositionally speaking. The arrangements, the sound design, the vocal work… they have all grown tremendously over the last 18 months and from a listening perspective we feel its pretty apparent that we’ve, in many aspects, “grown up.”

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In what direction is Tritonal headed? Is there a definitive goal for your sound, or something you’d like to explore more of in the studio and in your performances?

Chad: The direction is and always has been north! We’re ready to tackle another album and this is hopefully only the beginning of a long and healthy journey through music.

Dave: Tritonal is headed always in the direction that pushes us as both musicians and human beings. Our goal for our sound is not to remain the same ever, but to be addictive, to always have variety and to have fun.

Keep an ear out for Metamorphic III, scheduled for release September 15.

Check out Tritonal live this Labor Day Weekend in Las Vegas at Marquee Dayclub on September 1! Nab your tickets here.

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