DJOYbeat’s Holiday Gift Guide for Your Raver Friends

The holidays are once again upon us. If you’re struggling to find the perfect gift for that raver friend of yours (if you’re reading, we know you have at least one), here’s a nifty little guide we put together to help you along:

Set of Assorted Pony Beads
For the frequent festival going Kandi Kid, you can never have enough pony beads. These little suckers can be used to make everything from the simple bracelet to be traded amongst your new festival friends, to an entire purse or even an outfit. The beads can be found numerous places online ( our favorite is or at craft stores in your area such as JoAnn’s (skip Michael’s, for reasons unbeknownst, they don’t carry them). If your raver friend is relatively new to kandi making, this kit from JoAnn’s would be the perfect starter kit to help them along.

Aside from the fact it comes with a neat little organizer to store all their present and future bead acquisitions, the set includes glow-in-the-dark beads and ravers love nothing more than things that glow in the dark.

JoAnn Beads

Glow-in-the-Dark Mega Critter Organizer

Portable Phone Charger
The average music festival can last 10 to 12 hours on a single day. Compound this by the fact cellphone reception is usually less than favorable due to a massive amount of people occupying the same area and you’ve set up the perfect storm to kill your phone battery at an accelerated rate. That’s when these nifty little portable phone chargers become your raver friend’s new best friend (don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll be returned to your rightful place as their best friend once they get their phone charged).

 Portable Phone Charger

Anker Astro Lipstick Sized Portable Charger

This lightweight portable device is small enough to fit in a pocket, purse or backpack and packs enough juice to recharge the average phone battery one to one-and-a-half times, so your raver friend can continue happily SnapChatting clips of the festival to their little heart’s content. Want to add a little pizzazz to this gift? Throw in an electroluminescent USB cord, because remember, ravers are big on things that glow. These cords are available for iPhone and phones with micro USB (e.g. Android and everything else).

Light up USB Cord

Camelbak Hydration Packs
As previously mentioned, most festivals are all-day events and many are all-weekend festivities. While they still continue to price-gouge bottled water, most events now offer hydration stations where festival goers can fill up on water for free. Canteens and water bottles do work fine for this purpose, but the amount of water they can hold is relatively small, not to mention carrying them around and having to unscrew the lid every time you want a sip can be cumbersome. This is where the Camelbak comes in.

Lightweight, comfortable and designed for convenience, the Camelbak has grown increasingly popular among festival goers to stay hydrated through out the day. These packs come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors, but we’d recommend getting your raver friend one on the smaller end of the spectrum and preferably one that has a storage pouch so the pack can double as a backpack.


The music at festivals and nightclubs tends to be loud. VERY LOUD. Ever felt like you have cotton in your ears after going to a concert or a night out at the club? That’s because prolonged exposure to sounds over 85 decibels is damaging to your ears and most concerts are in the 105-110 range. Despite the awareness that continual exposure to loud events over time will lead to permanent hearing loss, surprisingly few people at festivals tend to wear earplugs. So drop a hint to your raver friend that you want them to maintain their hearing for years to come and get them a nice set of earplugs, if for no other reason than you can’t irritate them by putting “Call Me Maybe” on repeat if they can’t hear it.

We offer two suggestions for brands:

VModa earplugs

V-Moda Faders are made of high quality aircraft grade metal and come with four different silicone fittings to comfortably fit any ear. The lanyard can be attached to the actual earplugs or the included carrying case and worn as a necklace for your convenience.

Earpeace earplugsEarPeace plugs are made from comfortable hypoallergenic silicone and come in 3 different colors to match your skin tone for those desiring something more discreet. The included carrying case is made from anodized aluminum to keep your earplugs secure and protected and comes with a small grappling hook that conveniently attaches to key chains, purses or backpacks.



From fanny packs to backpacks and even coolers and utility cases, JammyPack offers a variety of packs with built-in speakers featuring Bluetooth conductivity and are the perfect gift for the raver (and even non-raver) on the go who wants to take their music everywhere. The uniquely-designed, single-volume, balsa wood construction of the speaker box allows for a sound unmatched by most portable speakers and the packs are designed with comfort and convenience in mind.

Galaxy Print ANYTHING

Galaxy Wolf Spirithood

Galaxy print has become all the rage among ravers recently (as it should, because astronomy is AWESOME), as exemplified by’s introduction of the Galaxy Wolf Spirit Hood, which the site is constantly struggling to keep in stock. From dresses to leggings to shirts, galaxy print is everywhere, so check out some of these clothing lines featuring the stylish print and get your raver friend into the latest trend from Zumiez and ShadowPlayNYC.

Electric Family Artist Bracelet

Electric Family Bracelets

Electric Family is an EDM-based clothing line whose signature product are their Electric Family woven bracelets. In an effort to bring a little more PLUR to the world, the company created the Artist Series of bracelets featuring logos from 15 of the world’s biggest DJs with all proceeds going to that specific DJ’s charity of choice. So peruse the catalog to see if your raver friend’s favorite DJ is among the selection and read up on the charity each bracelet supports. After all, what better way to get into the spirit of giving than giving the gift that keeps on giving?

Watch Me Rave Light Up Watch

Remember what we learned in the first item kids? Ravers like things that glow in the dark. These light up watches from Watch Me Rave are the perfect gift for your raver friend, not only because they light up with brilliant, multicolor LEDs, but will help your friend keep track of time during those long festival days without having to waste their phone battery to check the time. With four different colors to choose from, these durable, easy to read and water-resistant watches are guaranteed to light up any raver’s holiday! Gift Card

RaverSwag Gift Card

Still out of ideas or just not sure when it comes to your friend’s size/style? is a go-to website for all your raver friend’s style needs! From clothing to accessories to Spirithoods, RaverSwag has anything and everything needed to complete the perfect festival outfit. Click here to go directly to their gift card page, where you can find gift cards in amounts of $10, $25, $50 and $100 and let your raver friend shop til they drop!

Cash contribution to your raver friend’s festival fund


Maybe your raver friend is one of those that has it all? Offer them a monetary contribution to their festival fund. I realize to some cash is still considered a gift-giving faux pas, but when you consider most festival passes range in the hundreds of dollars plus whatever your friend is spending on cover charges at the nightclubs to see their favorite DJs, I’m sure they’ll find the gift of an added financial infusion to be much appreciated (and probably needed).

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