Oakenfold Recreates Trance Classic “Café Del Mar”

Trance isn’t dead, it’s just hiding in Europe somewhere. And many of the big producers that used to make it have… well… they don’t admit that’s what got them into this whole game in the first place (remember “DJ Tiësto”?). While the big-room EDM sound dominates clubs in the United States, the #TranceFamily keeps fighting the good fight (while worshiping Armin, of course).

But one OG is bringing back the beats that made him big, our DJ godfather Paul Oakenfold. (If you don’t know who Oakenfold is, just go play in traffic now, there’s no point in reading the rest of this). His Trance Mission album due out this spring will highlight 10 covers of his favorite trance tunes of all time.

Pushing the Perfecto Fluoro direction of his sound as of late, Oakenfold seems to be one of the few veterans not shying away from what made him renowned. “Fluoro: I’ve always been a fan of, I enjoy it, it’s very melodic, but very cutting edge,” Oakenfold said when I chatted with him last April. “I don’t tend to play Fluoro sets in America. … I haven’t really found a club in America where I can play Fluoro. It’s a real late-night/after-hours sound.”

The first single from the Perfecto Fluoro-released album will be Oakie’s take on the Energy 52 mega-trance classic “Café Del Mar.” (You’ll know it when you hear it—it had that video with the dude carrying the briefcase looking all over for something or someone—remember it now? Watch it below.) Anyways, it’s arguably one of the biggest trance records, like, ever. Not only has Oakenfold put his twist on the track, trance producers Activa, Angry Man and Peetu S will drop their versions of “Café Del Mar” on March 10 as well. So prepare to get your rave on—or educate yourself a bit more on the history of the genre, with a modern edge.

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