Shea Stadium Brooklyn 101

Attending a show at Shea Stadium Brooklyn is sort of like spending the night at your wild friend’s apartment party.

Drinks are served in cans or plastic cups from behind a makeshift bar, the outdoor patio space seems held on by sheer will power, and the couches and chairs look like they have been through some sort of war.

Yet, the overall dirty living room feel is part of what makes this performance space work. Equipped with a low stage and killer sound system, Shea Stadium BK is intimate and loud, allowing for an up-close and sweaty music experience.

While the set lists vary from indie and rock to metal and blues, this venue also boasts a good amount of up-and-coming DJs, dominating the night with their beats or giving crowds a break between live music sets. Best of all, Shea is a place for enthusiastic crowds and dancing, so it takes very little to get this group moving.

The famed outdoor dance party Mister Sunday visits Shea in the off-season, giving fans the chance to keep their dance party going throughout the winter. Just keep an eye on the calendar and be sure to pop in during a dance music night.

Gigs are recorded and later uploaded to the venue’s site, preserving the raw sound of live music played in a tiny room of rowdy fans.

If you are in the mood for a sit-down hi-production experience, this is not the spot for your evening. But if you want to check out some fresh sounds in a no frills intimate setting, then Shea is ideal.

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