Soulminx Has Your Festival Fashions for 2015

January means it’s time to get your festival calendar in order. But just as important as scoring on your tickets is what style you’re gonna rock. Neon is thankfully making way for more natural hues and styles channeling Coachella and West Coast vibes. Our new favorite go-to source for fabulous and affordable fashions is Soulminx. Because, afterall, do you really want to show up to the next big event in the same flower headband from Forever 21 as everyone else?

Desert Girl Boho Romper

Desert Girl Boho Romper

“The main pieces that I chose represent West Coast, Bohemian, the West Coast vibe, Coachella style and a little bit of Australian boho sheik,” says Soulminx owner and creative director Julie Potipan. “I call this look book the Soul Searcher. It’s inspired by art, music, festivals, fashion.” With an overall summery style, the pieces in the collection can also be layered up depending on the locale of your festivities.

Launching in 2014, LA-based Soulminx is catching the eye of music lovers and fashion junkies who don’t want to break the bank. “I try to make this really affordable where you can dress classy and look high-end, but it’s reasonably priced,” Potipan says. “Our prices range from $20-$80.”

Soul Searcher Boho Dress

Soul Searcher Boho Dress

For those digging into the collection, Potipan offers up a few favorites as suggestions. “My favorite piece is the Desert Girl Boho Romper. The most popular one is the kimono. I love our kimonos. You can wear them anywhere.” Add to that Chanour accessories with a Middle Eastern flair, like antiqued silver coins and handcuff bracelets.

The comfort, quality and value of the SoulMinx collection is unparallel. Our picks already in our closet and party rotation are the Soul Searcher Boho Dress, the Black Sea Maxi Dress, the So Boho Chic Kimono and Venice Mini Dress. The next collection will be rolling out in February.

“This is something I always wanted to do. When I’d go out I’d get people saying ‘You have some really cool pieces, you should do styling.’ I always wanted to be in the fashion industry, but I studied criminal law and wasted my school years and realized ‘This isn’t really for me.’ My passion is this fashion.”

Soulminx video from KNR Productions on Vimeo.

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