American DJ LED Party Pak 2

Three distinctive, easy-to-use LED effects all wrapped up into one simple lighting package, ready to get any party started.

The American DJ LED Party Pak 2 is a good place to start to give your next event that visual boost it may be missing. Included in this package are three LED versions of American DJ classic lighting fixtures. The Party Pak 2 includes the Mini Gressor TRI LED, the TRI Gem LED, and the B6R LED Red Beacon light; which are all three easy-to-use effects that don’t require any sort of programming, just plug them in and the sound active built-in program does the rest. This package is perfect for any DJ, mobile entertainer, or small nightclub that is looking for a basic start to event lighting effects.

Mini Gressor TRI LED
The new LED Mini Gressor incorporates American DJ’s “TRI Color” technology, which means that there are 3 RGB (red, green & blue) colors in 1 LED, that combine to create a total of 7 different colored effects like red, green, blue, purple, yellow, cyan and white. The Mini Gressor is capable of producing 48 sound activated light beams with a good range of coverage, so you know your crowd or event will be adequately lit from the ceiling to floor.

The TRI Gem LED from American DJ is similar to the Mini Gressor, in that it incorporates the same “TRI Color” Technology that allows it to create 7 different colored effects. The main difference in the two is that the TRI Gem LED incorporates a lesser amount of 23 sound activated beams, which also move and strobe to the beat of the music, just as the Mini Gressor does. The more directional approach of the beams in the TRI Gem will provide more light coverage on the dance floor, or wherever you want to position the effect.

The American DJ B6R is a pretty straightforward rotating red beacon light, commonly referred to as a police beacon. This lighting effect is fairly basic, but can add that classic party vibe to any event. You will have complete control of the 56 red LEDS, thanks to the 7 different rotation speeds and 6 operational modes that are included. The B6R also offers 3 built-in mounting plates so you can install it in just the right location for maximum affect.

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