American DJ P36 LED system

Four LED can lights, a DMX controller, cables, and a tripod stand provide you with a complete DJ lighting set up.

The American DJ P36 LED System is a handy compilation of lighting equipment from American DJ that includes four of American DJ’s P36 LED PAR cans, their DMX Duo recorder/controller, and an LTS-6 tripod stand. The lighting package also comes with one 25′ cable and three 10′ cables.

American DJ’s P36 LED PAR (parabolic aluminized reflector) cans are LED pin spot lights that create rich palates of color using RGB (red, green, blue) color mixing. P36 LEDs feature DMX-512 protocol, extremely smooth projection onto most any surface, and emit extremely low heat or UV, making it great for architectural applications and performance stages. In addition, these LEDs include smooth color scrolling with auto mode and come with a hanging bracket and metal stand for tabletop mounting. The P36 LED PAR cans even won the 2005 Crystal Disc Award for superior technical innovation in DJ lighting products.

The DMX Duo is a single-space DMX recorder/controller that accepts DMX information from any standard DMX controller. It features 96 DMX channels, 8 DMX FX channels, and an FX timer. Program up to 8 chases (with 99 steps each), 2 shows (also with 99 steps), and mix or sequence the playback of your chases and shows. With its separate speed and fade controls, programmable strobe button, and inputs for a USB gooseneck light and a series of compatible fog machines, the DMX Duo is an ideal controller to include in your lighting setup.

The LTS-6 light stand is a black tripod stand that’s ideal for hanging several types of PAR cans or pin spots. It extends up to 9′ and collapses easily for transport, making it ideal for mobile DJs or small stage productions. The LTS-6 features a T-bar that has 8 hanging-point bolts.

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