Cakewalk SONAR X1 Essential Crossgrade

A completely redesigned user interface makes creating music in SONAR faster and easier than ever.

This specially priced version of Cakewalk Sonar X1 Essentials is reserved for registered users of any of the following products:

Ableton Live Intro, FL Studio, Cubase (any version), Sequel, Reason, Studio One Artist

The SONAR X1 Essential Crossgrade is identical to the full retail version but you must have one of the products listed above installed to qualify.

Cakewalk Sonar X1 Essentials
Cakewalk’s SONAR X1 Essential has a completely redesigned user interface that makes creating music faster and easier than ever. Create with cutting-edge musical tools like the Step Sequencer and The Matrix. Customize your workspace with the Skylight interface. Get hands on control with Active Controller Technology (ACT).

With a powerful collection of effects and instruments to get you started and more available tracks than DAWs costing twice the price, SONAR Essential is the perfect way to get your feet wet and to begin crafting your own masterpiece.

Price: $69.00

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