Gem Sound PL-USB Phono-to-USB Interface

A cost-effective USB interface for transferring vinyl and other analog audio to digital.

The Gem Sound PL-USB Phono-to-USB interface lets you simply plug in your tape deck, turntable, or other audio source into the phono or line input to easily transfer your music collection to your computer.

Cassette tapes, MiniDiscs, vinyl, CDs, MP3s. You’ve probably got music on all sorts of media. Wouldn’t it be nice to get it all organized in one place, say on your computer? Wouldn’t you like to clean out all the clutter or maybe at least have a backup just in case someone never returns what they’ve borrowed?

The compact preamp features a headphone output, gain control, and an extra signal LED for monitoring the process, ensuring your tunes sound the way you want them to. Interface also comes with Bias’ SoundSoap SE software in case you need to remove the clicks, pops, and hisses often associated with music on vinyl and tapes.

Price: $$199.95

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