Harbinger 1200W Dual 15″ Powered Speaker with BBE Processing

Powerful, 215/horn full-range powered speaker system.

The HPX215-BBE is a dual 15” 1200-Watt bi-amped powered loudspeaker that provides exceptionally clean, raw sound power for live band and DJ main speaker applications. Voiced for full range clarity with thundering low end, it’s perfect for live bands, DJs, and clubs that want to move the dance floor. The HPX215-BBE can be combined with the HPX118S-BBE or HPX118F-BBE powered subwoofers to extend the thunder with earth-shaking bottom end.

It features Harbinger’s advanced circuit design including built-in limiter‚ subsonic filter, and full thermal protection to prevent speaker damage. Touring grade durability is provided by 5/8” or ¾” plywood cabinets‚ internal bracing‚ metal handles and a scratch-resistant finish.

Price: $1,399.99

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