KEF X300A Powered Speaker (Pair)

Computer speaker with great sound.

Featuring KEF’s state-of-the-art Uni-Q driver, supported by two amplifiers in each unit, the X300A is a true audiophile speaker for your PC, Mac, MP3 player or smartphone. Enjoy true high definition sound from source to output.

You listen to your computer’s audio often. Some of you listen to your computer’s audio more than often. So why not get great sounding speakers for your computer? KEF’s radical design ideas accommodate the limited space on your desktop while at the same time satisfying the sound quality requirements of even the fussiest aficianados of fine audio.

Introducing the KEF X300A digital hi-fi speaker system, an active design conceived to partner a PC or Mac, desktop or laptop computer. Simply connect the speakers via a ‘distortion free’ USB all-digital link to provide high resolution 96kHz/24 bit quality digital input and inter-speaker connection to ensure high definition sound from source to output. Each speaker features twin class AB audiophile grade amplifiers inside, one for HF and one for LF/MF. Featuring high performance toroidal transformers and high quality DACs, with the X300A you don’t need to be an expert to enjoy audiophile sound quality.

Price: $800.00

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