Kush Audio Electra 500 Dual Channel Electrified Transient Equalizer 500 Series

Top-end studio EQ.

The Electra is a 5-band serial eq that enables precise, musical control over the tone and the texture of recorded sounds. The novel combination of four meticuously tuned filter types — a subtly resonant butterworth high-pass, fixed low shelf, two proportional-Q mids, and mastering style high shelf — combine forces to open up completely new creative possibilities for how your tracks impact the emotions of the listener.

On the mix, on busses, and on individual tracks… it does exactly what you want, and nothing that you don’t. The vibe of the filters is electric, with a crackling but incredibly smooth and detailed midrange, thick but tightly defined low end, and sparkling high frequencies that are unmistakably analog.

The Electra is yet another “can’t make it sound bad” Kush processor designed by an artist whose passion is to make the path between “the sound in your head” and “the sound of your mix” as short and effortless as possible.

Price: $$599.00

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