Kustom KPC12MP Powered Speaker Pair

A highly affordable pair of 12″ 100W speakers that can be used as floor monitors or PAs.

These Kustom KPC12MP are 100W powered monitor speakers with an angled wedge design, 12″ Kustom-built loudspeakers and, piezo HF drivers. The Kustom monitor is tuned to deliver rich, balanced tonality while accurately reproducing a wide variety of audio content.

Each Kustom KPC12MP powered monitor speaker provides balanced XLR and TRS 1/4″ (balanced/unbalanced) input jacks. These may be used to connect a wide variety of line level devices such as non-powered mixers, preamps, keyboards, drum machines and other audio devices including music players such as iPods and CD players. The Kustom KPC12MP speaker’s volume control adjusts the overall level.

A TRS 1/4″ line out jack may be used to daisy chain 2 or more KPC speakers for a wider dispersion of sound. For example, if a non-powered audio mixer has been connected to the KPC speaker’s input, the line out of this first speaker may be connected to a second speaker’s input. This is a daisy chain and it often requires shorter cable hook-up lengths versus connecting the second speaker directly to the audio mixer.

In addition to being used as powered floor monitors, built-in polemount sockets enable you to elevate these Kustom KPC12MP for use as a powered PA speakers.

Price: $$599.98

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