MXL 890 Critical Vocal Condenser Microphone

A large gold diaphragm to capture your vocals.

The MXL 890 Critical Vocal Microphone is designed specifically to capture vocal nuances. The flagship of the MXL’s 800 Series collection, the 890 is perfect for critical recording applications when the vocals need to be out front in the mix. Due to its transparent low-noise circuitry, the 890 delivers rich detail and an airy presence for smooth, natural-sounding vocals. Its extended frequency response produces the full spectrum of sound, and its exceptionally quiet low-noise circuitry make it well-suited for use as a room mic to capture the ambiance of performances. No matter what the application, the 890 shines as the great microphone for serious vocalists.

Includes shockmount and microfiber cleaning cloth.

Price: $399.99

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