Neumann SKM184 Stereo Microphone Pair

2 high-end Neumanns for stereo perfection in your studio.

Stereo Neumann SKM184 microphones are no-frills, small-diaphragm condenser mics based on Neumann’s KM84. The SKM184 mic strikes a perfect balance between excitement and accuracy for crisp tone that isn’t thin or brittle. Full low and midrange response as well for fat sound on most instruments. Smooth and accurate mids and upper mids. Virtually silent operation with almost no self-noise. The SKM184 microphones handle SPLs of 138dB. Cardioid pattern, 20Hz to 20kHz response. 50 ohms rated impedance. This pair of Neumann microphones comes in a custom wooden case.

Price: $1,599.95

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