Pace iLok 2 License Manager

Holds over 500 software licenses in a smaller, sleeker, more robust design.

The iLok2 from Pace is smaller, stronger, customizable, and has a much higher capacity than the original making this portable software license solution better than ever before. iLok 2 is small enough that you can fit two of them side by side in adjacent USB ports, and the sturdier USB connector and solid body makes each one tough enough for constant usage. Best of all, thanks to the latest in technology, the smaller iLok can now hold over 500 software license authorization while allowing you to add a custom label under the protective sleeve so you know more which iLok is which.

iLok2 is also compatible with the original. You can download any licenses that are available for download in your account to your new iLok. The new iLok is backward-compatible and except for the License Card slot, does everything the original iLok does. You can also move your licenses from an original iLok to a new iLok in your account with the Move Licenses utility, subject to software publisher restrictions.

The iLok2 is also fashionable with a sleek black design and cool blue LED to let you know when it’s in use.

Price: $$50.00

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