STANTON T.52B Turntable

Ready to withstand the rigors of mixing, scratching, and battling.

The Stanton T.52B is a rugged and reliable belt-drive turntable perfect for everyday use and ideal for novice to mid-level DJs. Stanton builds the T.52B turntable so that it is simple to use but packed with great pro features. You get a manual pitch control fader and 2 Start/Stop switches for mix or battle setup. The Stanton T.52B turntable also has a straight tone arm—for DJs who want to scratch—and includes the versatile Stanton 500.v3 cartridge pre-mounted into the headshell. The T52.B turntable also has a professional quality slipmat for better control, and a convenient cloth dust cover to protect your deck when it’s not in action.

Price: $250.00

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