STEINBERG Cubase Artist 7

Seventh version of Cubase Artist.

Cubase Artist 7 is a budget-conscious version of Steinberg’s latest audio editing suite. Its interface and audio quality are identical. It has fewer audio tracks (but 64 is plenty for most users), fewer MIDI tracks (is 128 enough?), fewer inputs and outputs, fewer virtual instruments and effect plug-ins. For most home users, the Artist version of Cubase is more than enough to manage most projects. Running multiple headphone mixes and recording many tracks at once, you will need the full version, but for many project studios, Cubase Artist may well be a solution.

The seventh generation of one of the world’s most advanced DAWs has just arrived and sets new milestones in the history of digital audio production. The completely overhauled MixConsole guarantees stellar mixing capabilities with luxurious workflow improvements. Its built-in channel strip processing modules deliver that epic pro-console sound that lets you turn your songs into a hard-hitting, radio-ready production. The new global Chord Track alongside the innovative Chord Assistant for working with chords in project context, advanced MIDI and VariAudio harmonizing features, more instrument content and an array of real-world workflow enhancements make Cubase 7 more musical than ever, delivering a truly unrivaled creative production experience!

Cubase 7 condenses almost 30 years of Steinberg expertise into the most cutting-edge digital audio workstation available today. Conceived and designed for professional requirements, Cubase combines pristine sound quality and intuitive handling with a vast range of highly advanced audio and MIDI tools for composing, recording, editing and mixing.

Price: $329.99

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