The Essential Guideline for Pacha New York

One of the most well-known symbols of worldwide nightlife, Pacha NYC stands as perhaps one of the leading EDM hotspots here in the city. Attracting pretty much every designer DJ in the scene, this 19-and-up club is the place to hit up if you want to hear your favorite DJ or snap a few brag-worthy Instagram celeb shots. However, nothing fun ever came without its perils, and you definitely need to be well prepared before a night at Pacha, or you’ll be hearing me say, “I told you so.” Here are a few tips to take note of before hitting up this popular EDM spot:

• While Pacha NYC is a nightclub, it’s one of the only in NYC where you don’t need to get all dressed-up to go if you’ve bought a ticket to see your favorite DJ. Gentleman, you can wear your bro tanks, but still no shorts according to bouncer scripture. Ladies, for you that means sneakers are acceptable. Enough said.
• If the bro tanks are allowed, that unfortunately also means bros are also allowed. Get ready for a hearty dose of fist pumping, whistle-blowing, and ass-grabbing. This is hardly unexpected seeing how Pacha is perched on the Hudson, just across from New Jersey. Ladies, gird your loins.
• Don’t wear anything new, clean or white here unless you want to see it get destroyed before your very eyes. Things can get messy quickly at Pacha and its second floor balcony encourages its VIP guests to spray drinks and other unidentified fluids onto the unfortunate floor attendees. My recommendation would be to either pay up for VIP access, or to bring a poncho.
• Don’t bring anything that even suggests suspicious behavior. And I mean anything. True life: I once was made to throw away a bottle of ibuprofen and prescription antibiotics that I had left in my purse, which I might add, were both needed at the time. Security is no joke, and rightfully so. 19+ clubs carry a lot more liability than 21+ clubs.
• Do not use a fake ID here. They will know and you will not get it back.
• To expand on security, do not bump into security on the dance floor. They are very temperamental and will automatically kick you out. Personally, I think they could lighten up a bit; they get to listen to all these DJs for free. I’m considering that as my next career.
• If you can get up in to the VIP sections, the DJ booth can be easy to sneak into. Just hover around the entrance for a bit and you’ll be able to slip in quite easily when no one is at guard. Let your inner fangirl loose.
• Bathrooms at Pacha: proceed with caution.
• Make sure your phone is charged; you’ll need it to take the hundreds of pictures of the DJ from the numerous great angles the venue offers.

All-in-all, Pacha is a lot more similar to the rave scene than the typical NYC nightclub. It’s the best place to check out because of their DJ lineup and reasonable prices, and a great place to have fun without thinking about how much your feet hurt. For anyone who loves EDM, you’ll find yourself at Pacha at some point or another. With these guidelines to follow, you’ll have an awesome time.

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