Pacha NYC

618 West 46th Street
New York, NY 10036 United States
+1 212 209-7500
Hours of Operation : Fri Sat: 22:00 - 7:00
Price : $$$ (Expensive)
Capacity : 1200

About Pacha NYC

Pacha is among the many multilevel incarnations of the popular Ibiza nightspots. The place offers a huge 30,000 square foot area with a four-story experience. Each floor is designed with its own theme and has LED lights and Dynacord sound systems. The stunning visual experience of this club extends beyond the lighting and incorporates projectors and moving video screens as well.

The crowd consists of frat types, party girls, punkish club kids, and young professionals. Most visitors are in their 20s but early 30s can also be seen.

Hit the Funky Room (named after Ibiza’s eminent pre-lounge space) for the club’s infamous shower booths where bikinied, hot girls are bathed in colored LED light and sprinkling water after 12.30 a.m.

Club attire is casual and most people can be seen wearing tight T-shirts, fur-lined jackets, sexy dresses, untucked button-downs, and a lot of jewelry.

Cuisine includes Turkish and Middle Eastern delicacies. The best days to visit would be Fridays and Saturdays when there are the biggest parties and most popular DJs.


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