Top 5 EDM Clubs In Seattle

“Sleepless in Seattle,” a phrase that explains this city perfectly. Seattle is the largest city in the Pacific Northwest and home to over a half million residents. Seattle has so much to offer, especially when it comes to electronic dance music. Choosing where to go in a city with endless options is hard. If you’re new to EDM, or new to the city, you will want to consider one (if not more) of these top 5 EDM clubs. These 5 EDM clubs in Seattle will not only have you looking to come back time-and-time again, but they will have you doing it shamelessly.


Inside Foundation Nightclub with special lasers

Photo Credit: AJ Apuya

Foundation has only been open for just over 18 months and is ranked #72, worldwide, on DJ Mag’s Top 100 Clubs of 2014. Foundation is home to everything EDM. With DJs playing Wednesday through Saturday, it is hard to choose which night(s) to attend. Substance Wednesdays at Foundation are typically the night to catch a bass heavy DJ. With the right guest, it’s capable of selling out. Thursdays are reserved for big name artists such as: Benny Benassi, Brennan Heart & Coone, Brodinski, Lousier & Club Coeval, as well as Madeon (sold out the first day tickets were available). The artists on Thursdays tend to be from other countries, justifying the name Departure Thursday. There aren’t always artists playing on Thursdays, but when there are, it is something you won’t want to miss. Resonate Fridays are known for high-energy beats combined with funk-fueled bass lines. As for Progression Saturdays, you can expect a night full of trance. If you’re looking for a specific type of EDM to hear throughout the week, chances are Foundation will have something you’re interested in at least one day out of the week.

Monkey Loft

The entrance to the Monkey Loft features a sign red and yellow sign

Monkey Loft is one of the best kept secrets in Seattle. Recently the Monkey Loft, Tom Kha and special contributor, Mas Sol put on SPECTRUM. For a Thursday night, they were  able to get a great crowd to show up. SPECTRUM is held every first and third Thursday of the month and caters specifically to the EDM genre with a more intimate feel with artists such as Bleep Bloop, Kozmo, 2CBeatz, Shtickykeys and more. Found in the Sodo neighborhood of Seattle, the Monkey Loft is a low key place that has more to offer than you could expect.

Trinity Nightclub

A look at one of Trinity Nightclubs dance floors on a packed night

Trinity Nightclub is made up of two levels and broken into multiple areas which allows housing of three separate rooms. This gives the club, Trinity, the illusion of three different clubs, within one. Each room has a unique decor. The Main Room has a classic, vintage feel to it. One of the biggest dance floors is also located in this room, as well as a fully appointed VIP section and full bar. The Blue Room is considered to be fun and flirty with a royal blue and accents of white color scheme. This room will bring you a computer controlled LED lighting system and a one of a kind disco ball that will be sure to convince you to dance. The Card Room is the spot to relax, take a step back from all the dancing and enjoy a cocktail and some conversation. Along with the neat layout, Trinity also features Awesome Hour–from 9pm-10pm wells are only $1. If the drink specials weren’t enough, Trinity has filled their weekends with popular, big name EDM artists that come to play progressive, house, and trance music.

Q Nightclub

A look inside Q Nightclub

Photo Credit: Jason Woo

Q Nightclub is relatively new to the Seattle community. The age of the club however, does not reflect negatively. Q Nightclub is one of the best in the area when it comes to EDM. On Saturday nights Q Nightclub fills Broadway with heavy bass from top of the line sound system by Funktion One. This venue features a state of the art, multilevel lounge as well as a nightclub that you’ll be sure to find welcoming. Each evening at Q Nightclub is different in its own way, but “Kingdom Saturday” is the most unique. On this particular night it is likely that the club will reach capacity so if you want a chance to check out acrobats and the horseshoe shaped bar be sure to arrive early!


A crowd at one of the stages inside Volume

Photo Credit: Press

Volume spins anything from top 40 hits to EDM. Out of the top 5 EDM clubs in Seattle, Volume is the only venue to cater to those 18+.Wednesday and Sunday are the specific days that cater to the under 21 crowd. Volume has two rooms that play different types of music. To off set the potential heat, Volume has a CO2 cryo blaster that helps control the temperature for those who are dancing the night away. Volume’s Turbosound System has been used by some of the best in EDM such as: Felix Cartel, Krewella, and  Skrillex. If you’re not worried about the young age of some patrons, Volume is a club that has a lot to offer every night they’re open.

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