• Priscilla Discoteque

    Priscilla Club deserves to be mentioned among the most successful and popular nightclub near Mantova. The venue is about 45 kilometers from the city, in the town of Poggio Rusco, and it is attended by... View Venue
  • Made Club

    Opened in September 2012, Made Music Club is a very successful nightclub in Como and represents the evolution of an old 40 years old club known as Charlie, then Mascara and  CFC. The new club was la... View Venue
  • Abendrot

    Located in Aachen’s prominent “Pont” district with many cafés, restaurants and bars, the small but stylish club, Abendrot, substantiates the cliché that it is not always the size that counts. ... View Venue
  • Musikbunker

    With a more shady appearance on the outside, underlined by graffiti and the absence of any extravagance, the club truly lives up to its name. Ideally located within a short stroll from the city center... View Venue
  • Café Madrid

    The spacious Spanish restaurant, club, and bar Café Madrid is located in the hip “Bermuda Triangle” of “Pontstrasse” and a perennial favorite of Aachen’s nightlife. With a dress code reques... View Venue
  • Club del Mar

    From its humble beginnings of organizing events under the label Club del Mar, this venue has become a quality club in the tradition of eclectic electronic music. A modern and exclusive design and stat... View Venue
  • Mahagoni Bar

    The so-called “Maha-Bar,” centrally located in the heart of Augsburg, is one of the few clubs left where you can feel very "scene" and dance in midst of finest mahogany, tropical plants and brick ... View Venue